Particle Echo Connection

This is Echo. She stole my seat and is now has access to my Particle accounts. Easiest Particle/Echo connection ever. Disconnecting her was the real problem.

All joking aside, I’m working on an Echo tutorial and would love any suggestions anyone has for things to cover.


A long time ago @AlbertZeroK shared his project here

Unfortunately it seems it was never expanded to support other languages than English.
Having a generic bridge of that sort would be great.

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Thanks @ScruffR that’s a great idea!

Hello Colleen,

I personally would like to see how to invoke commands in my Particle devices using the Echo natural language processor. IFTTT works, but having to use “trigger” is awkward and new users dislike it. I would also like to be able to ask the Echo about the state of variables. “Is the garage door closed?”, or “Are the patio lights on?” for example.

I’m happy you are working on this as I haven’t had time to dive in myself. Thanks!

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OMG, I can’t believe this is happening. There is so much potential for IOT interfaced to digital assistants.
I can imagine a few extensions to the Automotive versions.
I use the EchoPhotonBridge that @ScruffR has linked. It works well, but adding devices is a bit laborious and does not support notifications. I had trouble porting it to newer Particle OS and gave up. It works well on OS 0.7 :worried: If it ain’t broke…
You probably already have some ideas on what to cover. I would start with the three fundamental functions.
Reading variables (Particle.variable):
– Alexa, what is the temperature in the attic?
– Alexa, what is the state of the garage door? (should translate 1/0 to open/close)
Setting variables of various types (Particle.function):
– Alexa, turn on/off the porch light.
– Alexa, set the thingymajig to 0.2346 Tesla (clunky but could evolve into increase/decrease commands).
– Alexa, set the pool temperature to 72 F
Notifications (Particle.publish):
– The LED ring would light up and upon asking what are the notifications, the Echo would utter whatever text is in the code: “Yo! The boiler has stalled. Press the restart button.”
– This has been a fantasy of mine and more advanced topic. I would like to see the status of my
devices instead of attention grabbing news displayed on devices with a screen. It could be requested by the user with a voice command. Most devices have a touch screen, so I could set variables, touch buttons, etc.

I am eager to help and participate.

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These suggestions are excellent- thanks for this level of detail!