What tutorials do you want to see?

Hey Particle Community-

I’m putting together a list of tutorials to make. Right now the plan is to create both project tutorials and tutorials for individual Particle components (ie how to use workbench).

Are there any topics that you’d like to see tutorials for? Any projects you want a guide for? Let me know!


Thanks for your support so far. I learned something new with the Halloween projects.
I have struggled with Amazon Echo integration. on/off, read/write variables would be a start.
Triggering events to send Echo notifications would be the next big step for me (e.g.; “Yo! You’re low on heating oil!”).
I think the Echo Show would make a great dashboard to monitor and control devices.


Thanks, Pescatore! Glad you liked the Halloween projects.

An Echo integration project sounds really interesting- I’ll add it to the list!


Hi Colleen, I appreciate the effort Particle puts on broadening the applications. I hope this project makes it off the list and into a bunch of examples/demos.
I am eager to learn the innards of some of the dev kits used to communicate with the Echos. Every time I give it a new chance, I end up even more lost.
Please let me know if I can help with testing, etc.

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Thanks, I’ll keep you posted!

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Happy to hear you are planning some workbench tutorials. I’m an idiot. I started to convert but ran into snags and still use the Web IDE.



Do you remember what snags you hit? I want to make sure I address them in the tutorial!


It has been a while, but I remember being frustrated just getting started. It is so different than the IDE. I wanted to move all of my existing programs to to it, but I just didn’t get it. That being said I am probably the lowest common denominator. I am sure 99% of your customers are beyond me. I am an electrician and use a few Electrons and Borons to control are little town’s water supply.

Jimmy Beach

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Jimmy- You are not alone in these issues, I’ve talked to a few people who’ve had trouble switching to workbench! New documentation for it is top priority!

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Hey @Colleen , I thought of another topic that would unlock the next “level” for me: OAuth.
OAuth by itself is vague and needs an application. Perhaps the topic is better described as secure identification and communication.
It all started when I wanted to make a mobile app to see the status of my device (sump water level monitor).
In order to communicate with an Argon I need to hide its access token within the mobile app. That’s when I started down the OAuth rabbit hole, which turned into a Firebase rabbit hole… I haven’t come out yet. This presentation was really helpful. Now I understand what has to be done, but still learning how to do it in the Particle echo system.

I read the Authentication tutorial, but it seems daunting to implement. The Authenticating chapter is also informative. I am getting lost in the layers of the onion: Product, Customer, Clients, IDs, Tokens, Keys, App, etc.
I see the note in the docs saying that code examples will be added. Do you know if there is active work on this?
I would like a tutorial that goes from start to finish. Create a product, customers, clients, scopes, etc, and any difference in behavior between a Product token and a Developer.
Then, show how to put it all together with code that reads variables and calls functions.
It seems there is more to do to setup the Particle device than there is to write the code.

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Thanks for the suggestion @Pescatore. I’ll look into the code examples promised in the docs!

I’ll also add it to my tutorial docket but unfortunately right now there are about five things ahead of it so it will be some time.

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@Colleen ,

Mentioned elsewhere but putting here for completeness. The tutorial for using the Particle Debugger with Workbench is no longer valid. As this is an important tool, would be worth an update.




@chipmc thanks for adding this here! A debugger tutorial for workbench is planned.


+1 vote for debugger tutorial in workbench/VS Code.


@Colleen Just catching up on threads - the debugger is a good one, testing/automated testing would be another good topic for a tutorial IMHO.


Great idea, I hadn’t thought of an automated testing tutorial!

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