After connection to WiFi, and update, led goes blank, can't recover

After several tries, doing a full factory reset and connecting to two different WiFi networks, it appears the same thing keeps happening. I go through these:
Blinking blue: Listening for Wi-Fi credentials
Solid blue: Getting Wi-Fi info from app
Blinking green: Connecting to the Wi-Fi network
Blinking cyan: Connecting to the Spark Cloud
Blinking magenta: Updating to the newest firmware

Then here, the LED goes out. And I can’t connect with the app (though it did let me claim it), but all requests time out with “Core Pin Timed out”

Any ideas?

Can your perform the deep_update on your core to make it more stable before testing out OTA flashing again?

Ooh fun. I found spark-cli, luckily I have node.js already, so that seems painless. Should I do the CC3000 patch first, or just the deep_update?

You can place the core in DFU-mode run the command: spark flash --usb cc3000

Just make sure that the Spark-cli is the latest version. :wink:

I tried a couple time tonight on two different core. Something is fishy. On that note I’m going to bed and hopefully something will magically change for the best.

@akda5id, please watch your language in discourse.

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