Adding Lost Library to Web IDE

Today, by mistake, I have deleted Spark WebSockets library as it was not working with IP Address. So, I imported the latest library to support IP Address from GitHub, unfortunately, it is even worst than that as it is not connecting to the server at all.
Now, I want to revert back to the original library included in Web IDE. BUt there is no way to get it back. Any pointers will be highly appreciated.

@ninad_shah, I am not sure if I understand correctly but if I do, all you need to do is click on the libraries button on the LHS of the IDE screen, search for “web” in the Community Libraries search bar and select “SPARK WEBSOCKETS” library which will be listed. This will attach the library to your app. :smiley:

Hi peekay123,
Thanks for the quick reply. But my real problem is that library is now removed from Libraris list. It doesn’t appear there any more. If I search “web”, it doesn’t diaplay the WebSockets library.

@ninad_shah, if you are not the author of that library, you could not have deleted it. Perhaps you should logout of the IDE and log back in. You are looking at the Community Libraries area, not just your own libraries right?

I’ve just checked, and I can still see the library displayed in the lib repository of Web IDE.

Got it. logout/login worked. Thanks.

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