Adding and deleting devices, still takes up space

Hello all, when adding and deleting devices on the particle home page, I am allowed to add more devices but it will not show my added device online. It will tell me that I have too many devices for my plan. But if I’m deleting the previous Wi-Fi units uploaded onto my account, why does it still say I have the full amount of units available?

Is there any way I can delete and add more units without adding to my plan? Contacting support hasn’t helped since i haven’t been able to locate a technical support number.


@Colleen maybe you can assist here?

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Have you unclaimed the devices? Itmf they are claimed, but not in a product, they count towards your sandbox limit (100).
If you add directly to the product, and then claim, it should work if you are under your limits.

@colleen can advise on digging in deeper into your account.

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Hi @dety- Have you followed the documentation for unclaiming the devices?
Chris is right, if they are claimed they still count.

I’d be happy to look into this further, can you DM me the device IDs you are trying to unclaim?

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