About device managment

I am trying to start a business that will be based on Particle products.
First, I would like to thank you guys for creating a top quality product.
Since the hardware (photon) Micro-Controller is very expensive (30$ with shipment), I wanted that to be my most costly resource.
I noticed that if I use the Particle cloud, after 25 devices I need to start payment for using the cloud.
The prices are quit steep.
On the other hand, I need to register my devices in order to program them…
I am aware of the local spark server, but as the name imply, its very old, unmaintained, project and I want to avoid it.
My question is:
Will I be able to register more then 25 devices in my account without payment?

Needless to say that I will create my own http server that will expose REST API, that will be used by Photons…
I will also not use Particle.* methods to interact with the cloud…
Appreciate any input.

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This only applies if you need to bundle the devices under a product ID. With independent devices you could have thousands and not pay for product tiers. You just won’t have the fleet benefits (and some other features listed for the payed tiers only).

There is a Particle wholesale store.

There is a member who has taken on the job to freshen this up a bit

Thank you very much for your input.
I will check this right away.

Hi @Sagi,

We also have a great sales team who can work with you on pricing and help you model your potential expenses over time. They could probably help answer questions if you wanted to reach out to them here - https://www.particle.io/sales