I’m trying to use this library from ParticleDev and am having some problems. I also can’t seem to complete a “particle library upload” from the CLI as it complains that I am not the library owner – which is true, but still …

This library uses SoftSerial, though moving it to NewSoftSerial would be trivial. Is ParticleSoftSerial equivalent? What would it take to get Particle to support this library directly?


Should be for most part. If you find any shortcomings (apart from 57400+ baudrate support) just open a github issue.

What would you mean by that?

Unfortunately I can’t see who owns that library otherwise we could request an update or take ownership. Maybe @rickkas7 can find out which account the lib belongs to

Or could it be that you uploaded it using another account?

Ahhh … so that library is there if, and only if, I use the Web editor. If I am using ParticleDev, it does not appear in the search results, and, in fact, if I search for “camera_VC” it returns no results. So I can only use that library via the web editor. Which seems weird.

Thanks though! I’ll do the development of the camera-based portion of the app on the web editor, and then merge the two parts together later.


This should not be the case. I’ll have to check myself and see why that is.

Currently I’m unable to search for libraries in Dev at all. I always get an exception

Yep, that’s what I’m seeing too!

On another note, including the camera_VC0706 library via the web IDE isn’t really working either:
/workspace/lib/camera_VC0706/src/camera_VC0706.h:12:28: fatal error: NewSoftSerial.h: No such file or directory #include "NewSoftSerial.h"

@davidgs, I’m not even sure why that library is available (on web IDE). There is no github repo associated with it and it looks like a straight copy of the Arduino library, without any modifications for the Particle platform. None of the examples will compile because of this and besides, they reference libraries which are not Particle libraries either! A proper port needs to be made.

So the Adafruit library, as supplied, does not compile for Particle. We’ve determined that. :slight_smile: But what will work?

Turns out if you replace all occurrences of “NewSoftSerial” and/or “SoftwareSerial” with “ParticleSoftSerial” and include ParticleSoftSerial (and SparkIntervalTimer of course) in your project, it will indeed compile!

I’m now working on turning one of the example programs into something that will work without any SD Card storage – I’m trying to save the image to a remote location – so I’ll update as I get that working.

SparkIntervalTimer should not be required to be imported explicitly since libraries 2.0 supports dependencies to be pulled in implicitly and ParticleSoftSerial has the dependency set.

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True that … my mistake.

Hi @davidgs,

Did you manage to achieve this: “I’m now working on turning one of the example programs into something that will work without any SD Card storage – I’m trying to save the image to a remote location – so I’ll update as I get that working.”

I am trying to do something similar on the photon and electron.


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I’m also interested to know if there has been an update here. @davidgs @evk02

Has anyone had success with this before I start looking deeper?


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I have not had any success, and have given up on this for the time being.

Hey all, I Have this library working with my photon as part of a project I am working on. You can checkout the code here for the library or here for the full project. This is an older version, but the library has not been changed.

I planned on doing a write up of this as I got closer to being finished, but you should be able to see what I did in mine. I believe that all instances of SoftSerial AND NewSoft have to be replaced with ParticleSerialSoft. Let me know if you have questions.


@ScruffR Got 4D Systems serial camera working on the Photon and is working on the Electron now for sending the images over cellular.

More info here: Help with porting an Arduino library

@031014 Thanks for sharing your project. Looks very cool and Advanced :slight_smile:


No problem at all @RWB. As I said, it is unfinished. I plan to do a post on it when I am done with it. Stay posted! It involves sending data to an external server, which I know a lot of people wanted to do as well and I found some conflicting or unclear info on it on the forums here. Hopefully an example will help out people as well!

Yea, people have been asking for a way to add cameras to the Photon for many years now. Exciting to see this is becoming an option now.

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Excited to see this coming out!

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