4 Related Issues - Can't connect core to Build (but can via iPhone)

With Daniel & Kenneth’s help, I was able to connect to my core via iPhone yesterday:

Today, I’ve run into a bunch of issues which are likely related to the same root cause that Build isn’t updated with the iPhone & CLI core info. Note I was able to successfully connect to the core via iPhone app, and was able to do successful PUT requests via Tinker. My latest efforts centered around connecting to Build and using the REST API calls to start building the real apps I want to build:

  1. Log into Build, click on Cores

The core I connected via iPhone app would appear

No cores there

  1. Click Add New Core & add the Id

Core would be added to Build

Could not Claim Core.

  1. Build the URL using the Access Token from Build and the core Id from the CLI to try to contact the core via the web:

Light on my breadboard lights up, similar to my success using Tinker

“error”: “Permission Denied”,
“info”: “I didn’t recognize that core name or ID, try opening https://api.spark.io/v1/devices?access_token=xxxxxxxxx

  1. Check the cores with the Build access token:

It shows the core connected via iPhone

(empty set, similar to what’s shown in Build

I can go through the reset and all that jazz again, but I’m pretty weary of debugging everything given my buddy has accomplished all of this in 5min instead of my 3hrs+ so I’m hopeful that there’s more targetted advice I can gather from the smarter minds than my own on the community. Thanks!

(and for any security minded folks - yes, I’ll change my access token after I actually get this darn thing working)

You can look at under WEB IDE to see if your core is listed and paste a core id in to claim it.

It might be the case where someone have claimed the core :slight_smile:

Hi @jkucera,

An increasingly common problem is that someone will mis-type their email address on their phone, but type it correctly on the build IDE. If you email us your core id at hello@spark.io from the email account you think you claimed it from, we can help sort out what account it’s under. :slight_smile:


Thanks Dave - you’re right, it’s a PEBKAC problem where I had different email addresses.

Ironically, I fat fingered the wrong one on /build on my desktop but didn’t notice it as LastPass kept filling it in for me.

/build and the phone app both showed the connected core, even though the core itself isn’t connected anymore.

I had been unable to connect to the core since changing the info, so I attempted to “start over” by detaching the core in build, killing the iPhone app, logging out of the CLI, closing CoolTerm, logging out of /build, and then:

  1. Log into iPhone with the correct creds & enter SSID and pw - no dice & log out of iPhone app
  2. Open Cool Term, connect to Com3, wait 60 sec, enter SSID & pw - it spits out random things I didn’t type, then saves bad credentials
  3. Factory reset again, open Cool Term again, try once more, it doesn’t show anything I type, I try to close it, it freezes, I kill the program
  4. Open cmd prompt, spark login, spark setup wifi, it’s now blinking green, but won’t actually connect. spark identify --> Something went wrong Serial timed out

I’ve done everything above 3x now, and same result of flashing blue core via iPhone, flashing green phone when I’m successful at throwing in wifi creds via Cool Term or the CLI. (and yes-I’m 100% sure I typed in the SSID and pw correctly at least 80% of the tries)

Got it working again. Turns out my wifi uses WPA2, not WPA, which explains why the CLI and Cool Term didn’t work and kept flashing green.

It doesn’t explain why the iPhone app didn’t work, but I’ll cut and run here as a guy’s gotta leave some mysteries left in the universe.

Thanks again for the help!



If you have a 5.0/2.4GHz router, there is a high chance that the iPhone Wifi is on 5.0GHz.

We had a few community members who had the same issue :wink: