3rd party sim connection issues

Hi we have 2 electrons running 3rd party sim cars. One was working fine yesterday. Today both refuses to connect to the cloud. Anyone else having issues?

To give a bit more detail:

  • This is an electron asset tracker.
  • It’s stuck on the blinking aqua light. Which means it has connected to the cell network and is trying to connect to the device cloud.
  • It goes a couple of different aqua blink rates, and blinks red occasionally.
  • I’ve tested the SIM in my iPhone, no problem 3G and 4G.
  • It has been working fine previously, I haven’t changed the firmware since.

OK after more searching I found the solution was to plug in via USB and do this:
particle keys doctor [device id]

as described here:

and here:

Assuming this is a low battery/power issue, we are planning to wire the devices directly into a 12v power supply rather than use the supplied battery. So hopefully that will help.

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