3D printed cases for Particle/Adafruit Doubler

@mohit Hi,

I noticed that you made 3D printed cases for the Particle Tripler board with Ethernet and the standard Triple board.

Do you have a 3D printed case files for the Adafruit Doubler that you can share? Thanks.

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Indeed! They are all available on my Thingiverse account here.

Let me know if you are looking for a specific one, and I'll make sure to upload that as well.


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@mohit ,

Hi Mohit,

Thank you. I'll 3D print the doubler case the has holes to mount an Adafruit sensor board. It should be pretty handy as there are quite a few Adafruit sensor boards available.

For a doubler case with a cover, I was hoping that you could re-size the tripler case to a doubler with the hexagonal/cover tops.

Also, a variation of the same tripler case & tops but without the Ethernet cutout would be very useful for a number Particle projects.

Do the tops from the Ethernet tripler fit onto the other triplr case with the antenna cutout?

Is there any chance that you could do the above modifications? Thank you.

Hi Mohit,
Any chance you would be able to resize your Feather tripler case & top to a doubler sometime in July/August, as per request above? Thanks.

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