Designs for 3D printing cases?

Are there CAD or STL files of the new boards or has anyone made or shared cases for 3D printing? I might try to work on one if no one has. I saw some Adafruit Feather cases on Thingiverse but most of them didn’t have room for the male header pins below -they had space above for female headers. Any ideas?

Check Particle’s own Mohit Bhoite designs:


Both enclosures are for a feather tripler board or an ethernet mesh featherwing. I already ordered both enclosures, but i’m still waiting for my mesh devices to use them (one for boron + custom asset tracker, the other for argon + relay feather wing)


For anyone who sees this, Adafruit has some designs posted:

None of their boards have the pins below for putting into a breadboard, so I might try to modiify from their AutoDesk Fusion 360 files which are posted here:


I’m making a basic enclosure now for an Argon. How do you share STL files in this forum?


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Thingiverse works well.

Ok. As a new thingiverse user, I need to wait 24 hours before I can publish it. I actually modeled the Argon itself as an STL. The intent is to import the STL into your own model to verify it will fit. It’s just a basic model. I’ll upload an enclosure once I’m done.


I deisnged and printed two very basic cases to fit with the foam pad the device ships in:
The lid fits very tightly – it may take some light sanding or filing depending on your print settings!

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@davidbradway, The foam pad is conductive. It is meant to dissipate ESD during shipping. You may damage the device or get strange behavior if you run it in the foam.

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Hmm yikes ok thanks

The intent is not to 3D print this. You should use this to bring into your model to know how the Argon will fit when designing a case or other thing to fit it into. The size and offsets for the holes should be dimensionally accurate.


Almost Done!, I know its been a long time since some asked for it. yesterday I was looking for a 3D model of it, I couldn’t find any, so… I had to do it…