Design for 3D printed spark core case?

Hi All,

Does anybody know if there is a model for a 3d printed spark case available somewhere? I would like to print a small case for my sore and a model would help to get my design started. I thought I would be able to find a few models on the internet, but google couldn’t help me. Anybody has some knowledge on the subjekt?

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Hi @nana

There has been a lot of interest in this and @wgbartley collected some thingverse designs a while back in to one spot:

I am sure there are others too! I thought that @BDub had a 3d printed enclosure at one point too.

My Thingiverse collection is still up-to-date as far as I know. I usually check out all the new Thingiverse models a few times a week. I was never able to get quite the resolution as @kennethlimcp for @BDub’s cover. Maybe @BDub can post the STL online somewhere.

(Speaking of 3D printing, one of my designs was featured on Adafruit’s blog today!)


Looking nice and great to see you around @wgbartley! :slight_smile:

I developed a cover for the Spark Core a while back that I’ve dubbed the Spark Bedaub v4 which is now LIVE on Thingiverse :slight_smile: Let me know if you print one and what you think!


I don’t think I’ve ever printed something that fits that perfect!

What did you draw it in? Any chance i can grab the file in a different format? STLs are a pain in the bum in sketchup.

I wanted to close the hole for the antenna and make a back for it too… i have a core with kennethlimcp uSD shield soldered directly to the core and then the excess pin snipped off… and a socket for a dht22 at the back. the plan is to turn the wifi off and have it take samples and record on SD, then turn the wifi on every day or so and upload the data…


It was designed in Pro Engineer Creo. I just uploaded the v4 STP file as well. v3 didn’t have a hole for the uFL, but it also had a wider tang for the T button so it was much stiffer. After cutting away some of the tang with a scroll saw blade, I found v4’s width to be the perfect thickness. Now after printing it in PLA on my Zim, I’m thinking the tang needs to be a little thinner still.

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Thanks for that, I’ll have a look tomorrow I still can’t believe how well it fits.

Buttons work well for me, just the right pressure required to push the buttons. And the gap is perfect too. Some things are a bit tight sometimes and I need to adjust but that is spot on.

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Here are the latest 3 that I’ve printed. There’s probably another dozen or so scattered around my basement (thanks kids!). It’s possible that the white one is one of the very first things I ever printed (way back in Winter/Spring 2014). The Core on the right is headerless for extra low-profile fun!


Considering this is a really old topic.

Can you give a link to the .stl files for the above enclosures. I teach Robotics and 3D Printing and am really surprised how few Photon enclosures I could find on Thingiverse. What I have found so far are these links


I think my next class assignment is going to be building enclosures.

If you cave access to a laser cutter, that might be even faster?

The enclosures in the pictures I posted are from Are those the stl files you’re looking for?

Those look good. I like the little Particle symbol coming through the print. Trying to come up with a base 3D Printed particle enclosure that the students can use as a base to add other boards to it. (Such as the fingerprint scanner, OLED display, etc,etc).

I think I will try to adapt your one and see what I get. Thanks for posting it.

So this is what I am working on. It is not yet ready but I have taken @wgbartley cover, changed it and made an enclosure for the Breadboard the Particle Kit ships with. I still have to put a few holes in it etc. I will probably make two, one with holes and one without to see if heat has any effect with the Photon’s performance. Plenty of room inside the case for a motor driver board etc. Fairly easy to lengthen the print for a standard long breadboard.

Most of my students are not making final products, just making proof of concepts, so the breadboard enclosure will just make their project look better. Students will have to edit the design to fit whatever extra boards they are using. For example the fingerprint scanner just needs a rectangle cut out of the top of the enclosure.

I will make the .stl file available when it is ready. I tried to load it here but the upload was not allowed.

P.S. I use blender 3D at

Really hard to get started with Blender 3D unless you are willing to learn about 50 Hotkeys, then it is awesome software. I have a teaching video here at

If you want to make your own 3D Printer I have a site about making mine (Cost about $560 CAN, probably cheaper now), the parts get really small so I had my teenager make most of it.


My 3D printable photon maker kit breadboard case has taken on a life of it’s own. The file is changing daily so I put it on a github site at:

Github is great for 3D Print files as you can view them in 3D or click RAW to download the individual file.

Presently I have made a nicely fitting breadboard case (see the images, it is the upside down object on the right). I have also made a replacement base that holds the Photon and allows wires or electrically conductive glue to connect the component parts inside the case. Still a work in progress.

I would still use a breadboard to get things working but once I know the connections are working, the 3D printed base could be used for students final projects.