Lasercut Spark case

i just got myself a 90w laser cutter for my wedding (she got a beautiful ring!)

ive been thinking about cutting a nice little case for my spark projects…but since i know the power of the community, i thought id ask. has anyone created a design file for a spark case already?

if anyone wants to jump in and make one, id be happy to cut one from wood or acrylic and send it to you!



I can design easily and we have a cover previously from @BDub :stuck_out_tongue:

@avidan, what type of casing are you looking at?

With the breadboard or without? I can do up a few simple ones :smiley:

I am using the Spark in a commercial product, and what I did was to use an existing case, and place the Spark in it. It really works for me. The case I chose had a facia allowing me to have hidden holes for Reset and Mode. I used a BIVAR PLP5-125 Light Pipe to get the RGB LED to the front panel.

The Light Pipe is not cheap at about $0.60, but it has the look of a real 5mm LED, which was essential in my case.

As an aside, the one issue with using the Spark in a product is the Mode button. I know I can reprogram the code to allow Mode to work on one of the external pins, but I would rather keep things stock standard. Pity there is not an API that allows me to define in Flash an external Mode button.

Until then, I will rely on the small external holes. Where that does not work, I am looking at placing a small wire from the Mode switch to one of the external pins. I know this is a hack, bit it is a reliable one, subject to my expert soldering skills :wink:

I know of a few people working on these. Not sure if they’re ready to go public just yet but I’ll keep you posted :smile:

I think he means more of like an enclosure, rather than a cover like the Spark BeDaub (still under wraps) :wink:

I know @wgbartley designed an enclosure for the Spark Core and mini breadboard I think… it screws together. But you probably want to laser cut something that assembles with T-nut style fasteners.

There are all kinds of calculators out there to whip up a quick box like this:

@avidan I’m totally jealous of your “wedding present” Can’t wait to see what kinds of cool projects you make with the Spark Core. 80% of all projects I create just kind of die after I get them prototyped because I don’t have an easy way to mass produce an enclosure, and nobody wants to hand drill holes and slots in a box… been there, done that in all kinds of materials.

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Actually @avidan here is one that was just posted!

You mean this one? I just uploaded it to Thingiverse, especially for @avidan. It’s about time I started posting some of my designs anyways!

This print is less than 12 hours old. Even with PLA, it needs a heat bed to keep from warping (or a tackier print surface). I had to replace the heat bed mosfet last night. Also, Sainsmart RAMPS boards have crappy components (bad mosfet that fried after 3 days, dead pin on one of the endstops).

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If they aren’t super-elaborate, I can help with that. :smiley:

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I can super help with that too :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome. Time to convert that into dxf files to cut it out of acrylic. I might assign my sister to the task. She’s the designer in the family…

There is a way to get mode button (dfu) via Web API. But not via a separate button.