Where can I create and buy a case for the Photon

Hi all

let say I would just like to have a case for few photons : I don’t plan to buil my own PCB and go in real production.

I got the Photon, a temperature and PIR sensor with the GROVE shield, and a battery. So I would like to create a case containing all this hardware, with a little hole for the PIR sensor for example.

Which partners or web site allow me to create my own case with specific sizes, for few units, like 5 or 10. In plastic, wood or whatever.

Thanks for your feedback !

Hi @perco,
In volumes that size I’d probably buy weatherproof enclosures from Adafruit like this one . 3D printing services like Shapeways also work in this scale. If you wanted 100-300 and needed them to be cosmetic, then Protomold is a good choice for injection molded parts.

If you’re looking for CAD design as well as fabrication, then reach out to services@particle.io and we’ll get you connected with a service partner.


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A member of this forum originally gave me the link (I don’t remember who), but http://www.circuitspecialists.com/electronic-enclosures seems to have a pretty good selection for pretty reasonable prices. I haven’t purchased from them personally, but may be worth checking out.

Hi all, thanks for feedback. I think adafruit products for a first step are fine, will check it deeper, thanks.

If you only need a couple then you could get them 3D printed (would require to make 3D models ofcourse) using 3Dhubs for instance.