$10 off OSHPark.com from our friends @ OSHPark!

Drew from OSHPark stopped by our office and gave us a huge stack of coupon codes for the community! Message me privately with a project idea and I’ll send you a code!

Thanks OSHPark :slight_smile:


I’ve used them numerous times in the past with great success.

I highly recommend them for quick USA based PCB boards.

For those of you who have no idea what OSHPark is, it’s a PCB board supplier with quick turn around times and an easy to use PCB file upload interface for Eagle and KiCad file formats.

Check out their blog to see the kind of boards they create for people:


what size are they?

It’s a coupon for $10, how you use that is up to you. Two-layer boards are cheaper than 4-layer ones for example.

LOL that makes perfect sense, I thought that it was a discount to get a board the size on the card for 10$. Sending him a PM now.

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Hey all - I still have PLENTY of discount codes. Any more project ideas? What about projects you’ve finished on a breadboard but could use a professional PCB?

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I have a board I plan on running that’s part of a larger project.

It’s a Dual USB Outlet with chips that prevent over current, ESD spikes, and allows devices to negotiate the quickest charging currents for its capabilities.

I need to order a few to test them out.

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Coupon got me 3 FREE PCB!



I could use a coupon for a power supply design for a thermostat application. It fits in a 1"sq board and converts power from the Tstat wires to supply yet another 1"sq custom BluzDK board.
I am still designing the board. Do the codes expire?

HI Jonathan. Any of these left?

I’m all out! I’ll reach out to OSH Park to see if they can hook us up with any more.

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