0.8.0-rc.27 Mesh not working

I have been trying to send data from the XENON board to the cloud through a BARON board, and the mesh did not work. I had issues with sending stuff to the XENON board, like the signal command and flashing code. When I moved back to rc.26, everything seems to work fine.

Some code to investigate would be great :wink:

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I do not have any code. I am just doing the blink example. The XENON is just not accepting a flash update using the cloud gui with rc.27. But the XENON will take a flash update with rc.26 using the cloud gui.

Could you elaborate on this? Does the system status RGB on the Xenon flash any patterns like safe mode (magenta)? If so, it may be trying to update itself to rc.27 with the safe mode healer but you are interrupting it.

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I used the DFU-Util to flash my Boron and both Xenon to RC.27. They all three come up flashing the slow cyan light. The dashboard on the cloud shows that they all three check in. In the Web GUI if I click Signal, the Boron will respond, but neither of the Xenon will. If I send the blink sample code, the Boron will take it, but neither of the Xenon will. When I switched back to RC.26, everything works fine.

So as @ScruffR said, can you share your code? While it might just be “sample” code, we need to see what you are actually flashing. Most times, it is user code that doesn’t behave nicely and blocks cloud things from happening. If that’s not the case, then you may have uncovered a bug in the device OS… in which case, post the minimum code to reproduce the issue so that others can test, verify and fix the bug.

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Do you mean when you downgrad the devices to rc.26 or do you mean the devices still run rc.27 but you flash an application firmware the is meant for rc.26?

I actually put both the OS and my application to RC.26.

How did you downgrad the device OS?

I am using the Visual Studio code to compile and sending the device OS to the device using DFU.

I am now wondering if I had a bad build. I just clean and rebuild rc.27. I put rc.27 on all of the device, and they are all happy now.

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If you are switching platform between local builds you need to run

This causes a rather long rebuild, but ensures that the resulting binary actually matches the platform.

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