0.7.0 breaks SoftAP page on photon

I updated one of my devices to 0.7.0 a few days ago, when I took it to a job site to finish up my install, I noticed the photon SSID changed from “Photon-XXXX” to “Photon-XXXXXX”. I saw another thread talking about this change, but it didn’t deal with the SoftAP, and didn’t provide a solution either way. After putting the device in listening mode, I connect to the SSID, and go to the IP address:, where it takes 2-3 times as long as normal to give a result. At this point, it either downloads a file, “Hello.txt”, or says this website cannot be reached. Using another Photon with 0.6.3 firmware, flashed with the exact same firmware, works fine. Any ideas?

I would consider downgrading to a config known to work.

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In that case your device is not running a firmware that provides a SoftAP page.
Double check that your firmware actually stuck on the device.

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@thrmttnw, I’m downgrading all of my products before they go out to customers, I just wanted to know if this was being experienced by anyone else, and if their was a fix.

@ScruffR the device seems to run the rest of my firmware, at my office where the Wi-Fi credentials are already known from setup.

When you experience such issues, it’s always best to have a test project with only the misbehaving feature without any other factors maybe leading to wrong conclusions.

If you experience issues with SoftAP in your full project, just have a test setup with only SoftAP and see what happens.

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I’ve got one extra photon, I’ll flash just the SoftAP, and report back. Is there anything in the SoftAP that would be affected by the change is SSID?

I tested two of my sample SoftAP apps (originally written for 0.5.x) and both operated normally on 0.7.0. Of course the SSID is longer, but the device firmware operated normally. I did recompile and flash targeting 0.7.0.