Yet another questioon about Spark Power Supply

Hi All

I have a SONY wall mobile charger with the rated output of 5.0VDC and 850mA. Before I use this to power the core I just want some expert opinion if its safe to connect it to the core?


There is a lot on this topic here on the forum, but your 5V supply is well within the range of 3.7-6VDC, so you are OK there.

The amount of power you consume will depend on what you may be powering alongside the Core, but 850mA will give you enough power run it by itself plus most (if not all) of what it can output. So, you are OK there.

A comparison, for example’s sake are the two USB3 ports on my MacBook Pro, they sport 900mA of available power versus their slightly older colleagues which have USB2 and supply only 500mA.

Make sure that you attach the 5V power supply to VIN and ground (and never to Vcc).

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Or just to the USB port if using a USB adapter :wink:

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Thanks @BulldogLowell & @Moors7

Yes I will be powering it through USB.

I am confused here. Which pin are you referring as Vcc because I don’t see any pin labeled Vcc on the Core

whoops my typo… 3V3