Yet another post about Power Supplies

Was searching for a cheap PS for Spark and came across this one.
What do you guys think about it? Wanted to be sure I’m supplying maximum current draw
(not sure if 145mA, 350mA, or 600mA…)

No Walgreens/CVS here where I live(Brazil). Gotta add the
fact that power supplies here suck aaaand digikey ships worldwide =D

Any other idea? I would buy them in bulk, disassemble the casing and then attach
the circuitry to a PCB…

I would imagine that 550mA would work fine for many applications. I guess it sort of depends on how much power you plan to draw in your application.

If you just going to pull them appart why not get a bare module from china?

Insert usual WARNING: mains power, know what your doing, don’t kill yourself etc here.

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Always forget ebay! Thanks @mrOmatic, @harrisonhjones
Thanks for usual warning =)

That looks good. Any modern day USB phone charger would also do the trick. While the Core would consume upto ~350mA, you may need more based on your application circuit (as @harrisonhjones pointed out). has plenty of options too.

Happy hacking!