A Good Compatible Device with Sparkcore( with picture)

Hi everyone.
Though I still don’t get the sparkcore, but I am always thinking about the power supply of the core. How can I power the device easily. After severial days thinking. I think I get an good idea - a mini power circuit( I call it Easy Power).
It’s a 38*21mm two layer pcb which can output 3.3v and 600ma with the input voltage 0.9-3.0v. With this board, I think I just need to prepare two AA batteries before I get the core. How easy it is!!
What’s more, all the material on my power board only costs me less than 1 USD. What a amazing thing it is!!
I am glad to show the picture of my pcb, but I am a new member of the community, so I can’t upload the picture. If someone want to see the picture, e-mail me.

Now I am able to upload my picture.

In fact there are two power circuits in my board, but the function are same. I use this board for the test. I think in the next generation, I will add the header which will be compatible with the core’s power pin so that I can plug the Easy Power with the core easily.

Hello! Yeah I would love to see Easy Power! You could upload it on dropbox or google docs and share the link so that everyone could get a chance to see it!


Hi @MicroEA - I’ve increased your trust level so you should be able to post pictures now. Give it a try!

Thanks for your reply, fortunately my trust level has been increased. I will upload the picture soon.

Thanks for your help.

Looks like there are two independent boost converters… is one 3.3V and one 5.0V? All this is less than $1 USD where?

No, you misunderstand my meaning. In fact, each circuit cost less than 1 usd

The output voltage can be changed by using different resistor. Now I am trying to improve the design ,if you can give me some advices I will be very happy.

@MicroEA some questions:

  1. what do you mean by “each circuit” ?
  2. how much does the whole assembled pcb cost?
  3. are there two different outputs?

Post a schematic and I would be happy to review the design.

There are two different kinds of step up circuit in my board. Both of them can output 3.3v with 600ma.THe output voltage is adjustable. The whole board costs nearly 4 USD totally.And I will upload the schematic soon. Thanks for your reply.

Sweet! Nice design. How much does the Sparkcore draw? I am trying to figure out how much of the 600ma would be left over for the rest of a circuit attached to this supply.

Thanks for the contribution. This is a nice way to compliment the Sparkcore’s sweetspot - simple wifi. So now you just add this power supply, and your circuit for your sensors (or whatever) and BAM! You’re done.

Hi @thekarlmiller. As far as I know there is a 500ma diode in sparkcore circuit. So I think if we use my power supply circuit, there is still at least 200ma left. That’s enough to supply some common sensors.

@MicroEA, What would have to change in your circuit to bump it up to allow a 1.5 amp draw?

Hi @thekarlmiller, thanks for your reply. To tell you the truth, I have test the circuit by allowing a 1A draw. But if you need more power, we have to change the mosfet.