Power adapter for spark core

Hi all,
This is my very first post after buying a park core and starting my interesting experiment with it. I am very exciting and thank you Spark for such an interesting device.

I have a question regarding power source for spark core. I will use it and a relay board to control a 220v power source and I want to use this 220v power source to power the spark core as well. Can someone suggest a good converter to use together with spark core so that it can use 220v power source please.

I see this but dont know if it is good: http://www.ebay.com/itm/AC-110V-220V-To-DC12V-5V-Voltage-Converter-Dual-Output-Switch-Mode-Power-Supply-/131106318362

Thanks, Lam


if you want to drive some 230V devices you have to use either Relays (traditional electro-mechanic or electronic aka “Solid State Relays” or “PhotoMOS”). Whatever you use, you’ll need some power to drive them.

The power supply you proposed provides 100 mA on 5V Line + 400 mA on 12V. The 100 mA might be exceeded by driving one or 2 relays and the spark core. You can drive those over the 12V line, but I’d rather go for this:

This has only 5V but supplies 600 mA on this. It should be enough for a couple of relays.


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btw: why don’t kill a old USB-power supply? You might have plenty of those at home anyway :smile:


Hi Joky,
Thank you for helping, and that is true, i ll go back home and break my nokia adapter :smiley:

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