Xmas Tree - LEDs 11-25 not working

I received my limited edition holiday tree today (it’s really cool!) But LEDs 11-25 are DOA. I’ve ordered hundreds of devices from particle and their qc is fantastic, so this one slipped through the cracks.

I submitted a ticket, but have no idea how long it’ll take to get a response or if I have to return this one before a replacement will be shipped (and there are only a couple days before Christmas). I’m thinking my best course of action may just be to buy another one since they’re limited edition and may sell out.


Totes bummer! A more official reply coming, but I have one of these shields and thought I’d snap a couple quick pics to see if you have a cold solder joint that snuck through the testing process. If these pins look weak on solder, you could try to flood them to make a connection, but it might be hard to do without flux and a fine soldering iron tip.

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Thanks for the response on this! That’s where I went looking right away, it looks like there is solder either missing from one of those pins on LED10 (SDO) or that it shifted a little when it went through reflow (the LED is slightly sunken on one side). I don’t have a fine enough soldering tip and it’s difficult to even fit the head of a sewing needle into the spot because of how it shifted. I tried slipping an exacto blade into there to bridge it but no dice, so it may actually be two pins.

I did end up placing an order for a replacement with 2 day shipping because I didn’t want them to go out of stock.

The 10 working LEDs and the audio are very cool!


Sorry for the difficulties! I found your support ticket and I’ll follow up there and get you a refund.

Rick @ Particle