Coming Soon: Special Edition Particle Snowflake!

Hello Friends!

It's the most wonderful time of the year so here at Particle we decided to celebrate the cold weather by creating the limited edition Particle P2 PCB Snowflake!

At its core is the P2 module, equipped with pre-loaded snowflake firmware. Key features include a built-in speaker for playing holiday music and 36 RGB LEDs capable of various light patterns and effects. This allows you to enjoy an interactive light experience right away or customize it to fit your holiday theme. I'm going to try and make use of the P2's ML capabilities and see if I can train it to screech in agony whenever my least favorite carol is played.

More details (like how to get your hands on one) will come next week!



Looks fun! Any chance they will also come as a loose kit?

@Colleen, it's so shiny! Can't wait to receive it :heart_eyes:

You should release the design as open source and sell some P2 modules