Looking for an audio library

Hi all,

First timer here; and very new to Particle.io, and pretty n00b when it comes to hardware.
My understanding is that the photon2 can do audio via PWM. Is this the only way?

If not, would anyone be so kind as to explain some of the other options? For example, using some of the other pins, could I connect the particle to another device that performs audio tasks via another protocol/method?

Regarding the "what is out there" question: I'd imagine this may be quite vast. The libraries I found via a quick search on this forum were from 2015 and earlier. I'm hoping there are some more modern libraries with code that is being maintained very frequently.

Thank you for your time.

Does anyone know where I might find the answer to this question?

You can add a module/hat to play mp3s.

The other pins may be able to play wave tones and directly drive a piezo speaker. However, the audio will sound like those old school video games.