Using I2S with the Photon

Hello all,

I’m really sure, that some time ago, some one here have created a lib to allow I2S or atliest allowed to output audio. This lib was extendedly talked about here on the forum.
Now that my Protons are on there way to me i like to getting started to see how far i can go already and started to search for this nice lib and the forum post.

Sadly i lost track of that post some time ago and i cant find it. Does any one know it?

What i like to build is a small devise like a Star Trek CommBadge around the photon or P1 (later) connected to the SGTL5000.
I have already a SGTL5000 proto board from and i love to see that working with the photon.

The communication does not be high quality. just 8bit 8Mhz.

I’m still a newbe on this and i hope someone likes the idea and want to help out :wink:

Was it this thread you were looking for?
TRMpcm on Particle Photon (or how to play a WAV)

BTW: It’s Photon :wink: I’ve “adjusted” your topic title.

Hello @ScruffR,

Thanks for the help pointing the possible link, sadly this is not the one i’m searching for.
There where a lot more post’s in it. It is a real bummer i cant remember which one it was.

Maybe if you search for “audio”, “sound” and/or “mp3” may be able to find it.

Yeah, i tried those already. But none of them showed the right one :frowning:

Me too…I often have great difficulty re-finding posts that I’ve read, even if I can remember specific keywords. Right now, I’m trying to find the reference to TCPServer.close(), which I read in a discussion as a future feature about two weeks ago…
FWIW, the “new topic duplicate result” finder seems to do a much better job finding such topics than the Search button. Most of the time, the search results don’t even contain all of my keywords, and I don’t see an option to search only discussions (instead of prioritizing thread titles over everything else.)

I’ve learned to copy links down whenever I find something that might be interesting. That way I can always go right back to what I read!

You could also use the bookmarks feature of the forum or if you posted, just look through your history in your profile :wink: