Need i2s output on photon

Does anyone have any example code that utilizes the i2s (not i2c) interface on the photon? I want to connect a photon to the i2s amplifier board from Adafruit

I wasn’t able to find any i2s examples. I suggest you start by looking over the firmware, give something a try, and see if you can get it working (and report back please!)

If you are the technical support engineer shouldn’t you be trying to get something to work and then letting me know when I can use it ?

Uhh, if that was the case, I’d like to have Harrison build me a time machine :sunglasses:
And please first, since that would solve all other problems too.

A Technical Support Engineer can support you with the technical ins and outs of the existing features and may be able to help out on not yet available features, but your post sounds a bit demanding beyond the job description, IMHO.

(Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion as a forum member who is not employed by Particle and this does not reflect the official view of Particle)


Hi @craiglindley

Tech support can help you with existing features but there is no existing i2s library in the Particle world so I would start by porting this library, if I were you:

You want the i2s parts.

I don’t think the priorities of the Particle development team include i2s, but you could ask them via a github issue, I guess.


To clarify on @ScruffR’s and @bko’s comments, Particle can help you get currently unavailable features to work but that would require you and Particle entering a service contract for development work. We can do that if you wish. Let me know. Otherwise I suggest you try to see how far you can get it to work yourself and we’ll be happy to help you debug issues.


Sorry if I came off a little arrogant. I really didn’t mean to. I only needed the i2s stuff for a personal project so I can just wait until either I have time to port a driver or someone else does. You guys are doing great work and I know you are probably very busy.

Thanks for your efforts,
Craig Lindley