Adafruit I2S MEMS Microphone Breakout (SPH0645) with Particle Photon

we are completely new in this area. We already did the starting tutorials (blinking LED).
Now we want to connect the Adafruit I2S MEMS Microphone Breakout ( with our Particle Photon. We tried it with the arduino library and code but it did not work at all.
Can somebody help us or already dealt with this problem? (Code would be perfect)


I don’t believe that anyone has implemented I2S support on the Photon/P1/Electron (Gen 2). It’s theoretically possible as the STM32F205 processor supports I2S, however no one has implemented a library to do it.

Thank’s for your answer. But why do you think nobody ever implemented a library? Is it to difficult or are there other problems?

It’s difficult. The STM32 documentation is confusing and there are a lot of registers to deal with. There is a small possibility that it can’t be done without modifying Device OS, but it probably could be done from user firmware. The reason is that some settings cannot be overridden from user firmware and because I2S and SPI share some resources it’s possible that there could be issues. Or maybe it would just work. Hard to say.

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Thank’s for your help. Do you know any MEMS Microphone Breakout which is compatible with the Photon/P1/Electron (Gen 2) and easy to set up?