Xenon won't stay online long enough to flash RC26

No change with either I’m afraid. Same error before the SOS after 2:18.

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Thank you for testing and confirming. We’ll continue investigating this internally and I’ll post an update once we have some news.


I’ve got an Argon that is also showing the SOS7 behavior. It consistently crashes exactly two minutes after reset, but only when configured with a mesh network, not when using just wifi. I had this issue with RC25 and confirmed that it still exists with RC26.

So I’ve installed RC27 and the xenon has now been up for the last 40minutes with no SOS. Looks like this firmware has fixed the issue.

Hello folks,

Wanted to follow-up with this thread to let everyone know that a fix for the SOS-7 issue has been released with v0.8.0-rc.27. The issues was tracked to a problem with the Nordic 802.15.4 driver. Instructions for upgrading are available below. We’d love to know if applying the release fixes the issue SOS-7 issue that you’re experiencing.

Note that we have seen some reports of change in behavior for rc.27 when users call the Mesh.subscribe() function within the setup() loop that can result in a separate SOS-10 code which we’re currently investigating. If this issue affects you, please note the following workaround.

I’ve had my Argon and two Xenons online for 2.5 hours running a Marco Polo test across the mesh. It hasn’t dropped a single one.

VERY stable so far!