Xenon / Ubidots Compile Issues

I have the Ubidots library publishing data to Particle, then using a Webhook to send it over to Ubidots. all working well on a Argon. However, I just added a Xenon to the mesh network with a Temp sensor, but when I try to compile the same code on the Xenon, it gives the following error:

lib/Ubidots/UbiUdp.cpp:83:0: undefined reference to “inet_gethostbyname”

Hi there @tremmert, actually our library does not support the new Mesh Particle devices because we did not have one of them to play with at our headquarters. This week we got our Mesh devices, so I hope to add support for them in the short time.

I will keep you posted.

All the best!


i have a Ubidots account and i was wondering the same.

Hi Jose,

Do you have update on timing for an updated Ubidots library for the new Particle Mesh devices?

Thank you!

I attempted to compile the Ubidots library today with the same “inet_gethostbyname” error when compiling for a Xenon. I performed a search to see if this common issue had been resolved in another thread but it turned up nothing new. Has anyone been able to successfully compile the Ubidots library with a mesh device?