Ubidots V3.1.4 is causing SOS+1 (hard_fault) on v1.4.4

Hi @jotathebest ,

We are experiencing the same issue, mentioned last year, this time with different versions of Firmware & Library from Ubidots.

Please refer to the link below.

  • In addition, how could we stop this from happening? Since this is a total killer for the “proposal” we are trying to deploy with Ubidots.

Please advise, thank you.

Ubidots - SoS Issue

Hello @mr_3r,

We will be reviewing this issue and get back to you this a more solid reply. For the time being, we suspect this a problem raised by compatibility between the library and Particle’s latest firmware version, which leaves us to the following suggestion: please attempt the same but downgrade the firmware version to 1.1, if possible, and let us know the outcome.

Thank you for the report.

Hello @mr_3r,

We ran some test sending data from Xenon devices and directly from an Argon device through HTTP and TCP. However, we couldn’t replicate the SOS+1 error, even using both instances (HTTP and TCP) in the same script.

In order for us to better replicate the issue you’re facing. Could you please describe the whole scenario you have? Does the communication between Xenon devices and Mesh gateway use our library or, on the contrary, use the particle native mesh.publish() method?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Never mind!
I found out that the handler I had setup to receive commands from Ubidots was using the same variable that was reporting to the particle console.
It is working now.


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