Webhook Connection Issues with Ubidots

Hello everyone! I just got my Boron 2G/3G board connected to the particle cloud and am able to send events. However, I am now having issues trying to connect to Ubidots with a Particle Webhook. I configured the webhook according to Ubidots tutorial, as shown below:

I am getting the following error message:

Hello Michael!

Seems like an issue with the URL:

You would not need to replace the string PARTICLE_DEVICE_ID by your particular device id like you did, you just leave the string there and the webhook will do the replacement on the fly:

Please try and let me know.

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Yeah, replacing the device ID with the PARTICLE_DEVICE_ID resolved that error. I also discovered that I was using the API Key instead of the token. Using the token resolved my issue completely.

Thank you for the assistance.

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@gusgonnet Do you also have experience subscribing to Ubidots events? I am now trying to do this example: 5. Create Ubidots Webhook to Particle to Control Things.

Ubidots is registering the events when I toggle the digital switch however Particle is not receiving. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi, I do and maybe other people around the forum do also.
Iā€™d suggest you post the question, in a new topic could be better since this one is already solved.

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