Subscribing to Ubidots Events

Hello everyone! I am having issues subscribing to Ubidots events. I am trying to do this example: 5. Create Ubidots Webhook to Particle to Control Things.

Ubidots is registering the events when I toggle the digital switch however Particle is not receiving. Do you all have any suggestions?

Hi Michael,

the example mentions this:

Body: name=UbidotsWebhook&data={{last_value}}&access_token=Particle_Token

and there you would need to replace the string Particle_Token with a real particle token.
Have you done that?

Also, can you post more info about what you have done so far? pics, etc with your sensitive data blurred would help.

Yeah, I replaced the Particle_Token text with a Two-Legged Auth (Server) token in both the “Active Trigger” & “Back To Normal” body fields.

Here is the Ubidot Event Config:

When I toggle the switch, it produces points on Ubidots event view:

Here is the code:

Here is the webhook config on Particle:

Hi Michael, while I’m trying to understand what is trying to be done here (and find the time to do it), another way to get help on this topic is to post the same thing on the ubidots community at:

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