Diagnostics - Webhooks Down

Hi All. One of my Electrons is having a problem with Webhooks - see attached photo. It is publishing Event data to the Particle Cloud but not Ubidots. I reset the Electron via the Cloud and did a physical reset but no results.

While posting tonight, I also noticed that Particle Cloud is Partially Degraded Services

Webhook editing and creation issues
Investigating - We’re seeing issues when trying to edit or create Webhooks. This doesn’t affect the behavior of existing ones.

Is anyone having similar issues or has a solution to fix the problem? @rickkas7, @Dave, @suda, @jeiden or @Bdub any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

The problem with editing and saving webhooks should not have affected operation of already existing webhooks. However, the editing and saving problem was just fixed. Are you still having a problem?

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Yes… it is still having trouble.

In that case, you should submit a support ticket and include the device ID, webhook name, and a link to this post.

I just double-checked, and the Particle webhook issue may have flowed on to Ubidots Cloud, i.e. broken. Will also raise with Ubidots.

Thanks @rickkas7