Device OS 1.4.0 looking really good!


It’s easy for me to come here and post stuff when things are NOT working properly. So this time I want to make a conscious effort to say this:

v1.4.0 looks pretty solid as mesh goes

(at least from my perspective)

With previous versions, I had issues with Xenons going cloud-offline after few hours. This happened with a bunch of them (around 4 or 5 Xenons). They would remain mesh-connected, but the cloud would not see them. Reset may or may not fix this state. Not anymore!

Another thing I observed was that Xenons sleeping would wake up and never connect to the cloud - they will try for hours (or days perhaps?). Issue reported here. I have been running 1.4.0 for the last 6 days and have not observed this either.

A last thing I observed was that they would go cloud-offline when trying to cloud-flash them. I have yet to try to reproduce this issue, but nothing indicates this would be the case.

Anyhow, I wanted to say congrats and thanks for a solid firmware relase. You guys told me there were plenty of updates on this (dependencies, new libs, etc) so that plus your hard work seems to have contributed a lot to the stability!!!


PS: My test setup, in this case, includes an Argon and 3 Xenons.

@ninjatill @RWB Tim, Ryan, I remember you guys had similar issues while playing with the Marco-Polo code, I invite you to give 1.4.0 a spin!


This is great to hear! - I have seen many improvements as well - but nothing a definitive as this.

Well done guys


Thank you for the kind work, folks. Here’s to making each release better than the last! :beers: