Ubidots error- "No such library"

I am a newbie to Particle, and I am attempting to interface my device to the Ubidots dashboard.

However, when I attempt to include the Ubidots.h library in my code, it refuses to verity,
consistently saying : fatal error Ubidots.h- No such file or directory.

This happens both with an empty sketch or a Ubidots-provided example sketch.

This does not happen with any other library.

What am I doing wrong?

Could you make sure the system version for your device is >0.5.3?

Where do I find the system version? Is it on the bottom right- on build.particle.io- it says v0.4.8

Does it only work with 0.5.3 and greater?

I think the first thing to not is that adding #include "Ubidots.h" is not enough.
You need to import the library into your project.
Depending on the IDE you are using this is done in different ways.
But for Web IDE (aka build.particle.io) it works as shown here

There are older versions of the library that work with older versions of the Device OS, but why would one want to stick with outdated versions of either of them?

If you want to update your device to a newer Device OS version, just select the application target version accordingly and flash the application - this should usually cause the cloud backend to also update the Device OS in several passes. In order to have this process finish correctly, you need to be patient and wait till the device seizes to blink magenta with some phases of white and green in between (during reset/restart cycles).

In the devices tab, you can click the drop-down arrow and select a different version.