Web IDE unable to locate Ubidots header file

Hi, just wondering if I can get an answer here as to why I’m unable to include the ubidots library in the web iDE. I did everything, including applying the library, though the web IDE and get told that the compiler cannot find the ubidots header file. Here is what I’m shown once I try to verify.

Are you targeting a system equal or greater 0.6.0?

Not exactly sure what you mean.

When you hit the devices icon (cross hair symbol 3rd from the bottom) you can select a device to build for.
Next to the device name you’ll see a > chevron. Click on that to expand the device details and there you have a drop down list which system versiin you want to build for.
I’d suggest you select 0.6.2 since only the more recent system versions support v2.0 libraries like Ubidots.

See here (sub heading: Device details)

Ahhhh! I get what you’re saying now! I’ll give that a try!

The firmware update seemed to solve the issue, thanks!