Xenon like, own design

Is it possible to add my own hardware design, with nRF52840, to an existing particle mesh network.
Is the particle mesh compatible for example with a Nordic Thread programed device.
If so, what’s the process to follow to overcome the qrcode reading with smartphone App, during new device commissioning.

Thanks for your support.
Rui Silva

You might have to wait for the X-Series SoM devices. That would allow you to put a Particle-designed mesh device into your own PCB design. The SoM devices should allow you to do custom PCBs just like the P0/P1 allowed. Granted, the SoM’s are removable for future upgrades where the P0/P1 are soldered on.

I do not believe so, at least at the Particle mesh protocol layer. It may be possible, later, to access the Nordic Softdevice “raw” OpenThread layer though I have no idea when this might even be considered.

You cannot make a clone of a mesh device. Well, you can, but it won’t be able to access the Particle cloud and the tools like the mobile apps won’t work with it. The serial number, device ID, mobile secrets, etc. are all stored in the Particle cloud, so without the device being added to the cloud, it won’t work.

In the past, with 1st and 2nd-generation devices, you could make your own and pay a one-time couple dollar per device cloud access fee to get your devices added into the database. I don’t know if this will be supported for mesh devices.