Particle Boards

I am new here and exploring possibility to use Arogon, Xenon and Baron boards in my projects and just received my “Mesh Ultimate bundle kit”.
My question is very simple, can these boards be used with different MESH, MQTT and Mobile networks than Particle Dashboard, or it is developed to work together? For example, I do have my own servers with MQTT broker, I would like to use NORDIC’s extended mesh library and my own mobile provider, is that possible to use all of it within the convenience of Particle OS ?


The mesh structure as detailed in the Particle docs will only work in the particle environment. The Argon and Boron (stand alone or in an Ethernet wing) can publish to MQTT with no issues (with all the correct libraries used). The Xenon will need to use the ethernet wing to enable the TCP functionality required.

3rd Party SIM cards (non particle cellular providers) can be used with Boron however some functionality of the particle cloud may be lost.

So Nordics extended library will not work unless you replace the DeviceOS with something else and this is not an easy task. You can use your own mobile provider with some limitations as above.

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Thank you for your response.
Unfortunately, I will have to give-up on Particle, as we already have established and mature environment.