Particle mesh + MQTT

I just saw the announcement for the new boards. Exciting stuff!

I’d like to use an Argon as an MQTT bridge that would relay appropriate topics to Xenons distributed through the house.

Does anyone know if this is possible?


Sounds possible.

FWIW, Particle Mesh’s key feature is local communication. Using the native mesh APIs would be an alternative to something like MQTT. It will also be more reliable, more performant and a whole lot easier because it is part of the platform.

That said, I’ve seen a few open source embedded MQTT solutions you could try to run on Argons and Xenons but your mileage may vary.

I think @dome is asking if it is possible to have the Argon act as a gateway between a MQTT broker and Xenons.

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These headers come from files in the nRF52 Thread SDK and show some possibilities:

I could see two different ways this could work. Like @nrobinson2000 said, both involve using a device as a gateway between a broker and end nodes.

If possible, it would be great to be able to configure a gateway to forward all messages of a certain topic to downstream nodes, and do the same for return messages.

If this can’t be done with “pure” mqtt, I’m sure there are ways around this. It’s hard to get into too much detail since there aren’t code examples available yet, but perhaps the gateway could parse the topic and payload into a string item, which is forwarded on to the nodes which in turn evaluate them. Doable, but more cumbersome.

Hi, I think Thread(6LoWPAN) is key technology.

I could get a connectivity to the nordic Bluetooth device via BLE from IPv6 global server by using 6LoWPAN about 2 years ago(here is nordic sdk community site).
Here is network architecture.

[IPv6 Server] <= IPv6 Global Internet => [IPv6/BLE router(like a Argon or others, rpi)] <= BLE => [Nordic device(XENONS)]

I think Nordic device(XENONS) could connect to the IPv6 Server directly.

As a result, it’s maybe possible XENONS(nordic ble) could directly connect to the IPv6 server using 6LoWPAN with several network stack like a MQTT/CoAP/TLS…etc. And Argon ESP32 already have a IPv6 stack, Argon could be IPv6/BLE router.
But I know this architecture have a hard problem, IPv6/BLE router is needed high security and firewall from the IPv6 internet like a consumer router.