Particle Mesh w/o Internet

I am brand new to Particle but have been a hobbyist for many years in the Arduino and Raspberry PI world. My career also takes into utilizing micro controllers. From what I am reading these new Particle board it may be a usable product for an application I am working on.

My question is this:

If the location of the devices that I want to “Mesh” all together and have a central “Monitoring” point, has NO internet capabilities, is Mesh still an option?

To explain further, I want to monitor temperature of 10 objects spread out in a warehouse. I would like to create a centralized point temperature monitoring via a digital display (i.e. - Monitor). This warehouse has no internet connectivity nor cell service.


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I see no reason why that couldn’t work, much like the way you can disable connectivity on the current generation of hardware.

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I’m guessing that if I get Internet to the warehouse, I can abandoned the central monitor, install one Argon in the Mesh network of Xenon’s and go fully cloud based?

Or for another application, the Boron instead of Argon?

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All of the above seems very doable.


Or use a Xenon + Ethernet FeatherWing!


Where do you guys suggest I start reading/researching the extraction/interaction with Particle devices and a Raspberry PI? I placed my order for the a handful of Xenon’s and 1 of each of the Boron & Argon (for fun).

About an hour of Google’foo, im coming up with a lot of the same hits leading me to the following possibly being the best route:

OpenHab running on the Raspberry Pi, use MQTT to link to the Particle’s.