Connecting NRF52840 to Particle Cloud

Hello All,

I had couple of these nRF52840 based modules that i was planning to use as BLE only device and build my circuit around it. My question was how do i connect this with the particle cloud? From what i have been able to understand so far is that i would be needing a J Link Programmer, is that correct?

Hi, I think there is no way to add your own devices to the Particle Cloud.
You can connect them to a Particle device (via BLE?) then pass data along using it as a gateway.


I am just wondering what the production version of a Xenon based product would be? Just like we have P1 for the photon. Wouldnt NRF53840 be the equivalent for Xenon? If not , then what?

Hi, since the Xenon was discontinued some months ago, I do not think there would ever be a production version, sadly.

I think this is the answer.

I just realized i had not phrased my question properly. With a Xenon based product i wont be able to connect to the particle cloud since it has no WIFI. Lets say i have a BLE based code on either of the gen 3 devices (Xenon/argon), and i want to ensure that the code still works on this module. How do i upload the initial firmware on to the module, so that when i port my code from my xenon/argon on to this module it works. I am specifically referring to the following line.

The module comes with a blank chip - this is for people who are comfortable programming the chips themselves with a J-Link programmer and the Nordic SDK.

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You can still directly flash a Xenon with USB from the Workbench.

If you want to take the code that was running on your Xenon and port it and compile it for the Adafruit NRF52840 then you would need a Wiring based tool chain and a programming link. You could try Arduino IDE or Nordic?

You will not be able to port the DeviceOS and your code to your module as the Xenon has a different pin allocation and external flash. The code you run on the Xenon will not work as-is on an Arduino-based toolchain as the Particle DeviceOS provides so much built-in functionality, including BLE. Using a Wiring based toolchain, as @armor pointed out, will make the implementation of your code’s logic simpler but not without considerable work IMO.

Thank you for your response @peekay123 and @armor.

I am a little confused, arent these boards supposed to be development boards and once we have done the initial prototype we would have some way of taking it into production? Just like we have the option of p1.

But from what you are saying that is not possible? What if i wanted to reduce the space of my circuit and wanted to build something custom? Is Particle not the write platform to do that sort of prototyping?

@jrjack, as was pointed out by @gusgonnet, both Mesh and the Xenon have been discontinued. The Argon and Boron remain as non-Mesh devices. Currently, the Boron is available in SoM format for production though there is no SoM for the Argon as of yet. So, with Mesh gone and the Xenon no longer being produced, don’t expect to see a production version of the Xenon. Even if you produced your own nRF52840 board using the Xenon’s design, the current DeviceOS (1.5.1) will most likely be the last version to support the Xenon. I suggest that for low power BLE endpoints you use a third part solution coupled with the Argon or Boron as BLE to Particle Cloud gateways.

yes, however the Xenon is gone, so there is no way into production

Particle may still be the right way to do that, but not in the way you have in mind today. And not with a Xenon.