Can we run the nordic nrf52840 firmware on a xenon directly


that the question can i put the nrf52840 firmware from nordic on the xenon . Since i got a couple of those board at home, i was starting to make a sensor for my bike(ant+) . The particle team isn’t planning at the moment to port those feature. So before ordering a nrf52840 dk(at a nice 75$ cad) i was just asking if it gonna work.

If it’s the wrong section i am really sorry.

Edit: After a couple of hours running after the white rabbit tail. I found some info.

  1. Adafruit did make a port for the nrf52 to arduino. the xenon, argon and baron are supported

  2. if you mess up your xenon(i don’t know for the 2 other) Jared Wolff did make a recovery tutorial

  3. The best info for what i want is Mark Zachmann. I did already make it workable.

now is there a easier way to make it work with the debugger (dap-link) and the arm ide web that would be nice.