Programming on board ESP32 of Argon via nRF52840 using the particle debugger

Hello Guys,

I am working on a concept of programming ESP32 present on the argon via the UART interface connected to the nRF52840. I have connected the Argon to my pc using particle debugger and it opens up a CMSIS-DAP interface and also i am able to access the DAPLink for nrf52.

Now my only problem is how should my nrf52 firmware will able to bridge the ESP32 for programming and debug interface.

The goal is to achieve a single debug interface CMSIS-DAP for both nrf52 and ESP32(For ESP32 the nrf52 should act like a bridge to pass the info)

My apologies but i am new in this and i hope anyone can help me or correct my idea is feasible or not!!!


@samirm or anyone found a solution for this? Basically configuring nRF52840 as a passthrough for loading custom firmware to ESP32?