Flash ESP32 board

Can I flash ESP32 board and how i can it?
I want to flash it to use TCP/IP AT command

I get reminded by others to try searching first before posting a new topic. I guess you didn’t see this?

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I saw that but I don’t use default particle firmware on nrf52840, use custom. And also I saw function updatefirmware https://github.com/particle-iot/device-os/blob/develop/hal/network/ncp_client/esp32/esp32_ncp_client.cpp
and I thought that I could send the AT command AT+FWUPD and then send the firmware itself for the esp, I will drop it before that as a file in the file system, for example, litlfs on the nrf52840 board. But maybe there is an easier option than the one that I am now trying to do

From bare-metal nRF52, what you do is set the ESP32 boot and ESP32 reset pins appropriately so the ESP32 goes into programming mode, then send the image over the serial port connection between the nRF52 and ESP32.

You can even set up a pass-through application on the nRF52 to connect the nRF52 USB CDC serial to the ESP32 serial, so you can flash directly from esptool.py on your computer to the ESP32. That’s how we bootstrapped the ESP32 initially, before there was on-device flashing.

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Thank you so much!

Could you give me please pass-through application (hex or source) for my board Argon. Thank you!

I don’t have a pass-through application that runs on bare nRF52. Ours still requires Device OS, so all of the stuff to work with the USB serial and UART serial are completely different.

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I can return your default firmware, I have a backup.