Is it possible to program esp32 directly on Argon?

Argon uses double-core esp32 as its co-processor for wi-fi communication which is also a very powerful processor on its own. Is it possible to program esp32 directly on Argon?

It is not possible to program the ESP32 on the Argon.

Well, OK, it is possible, but it’s not recommended.

The ESP32 firmware is referred to as NCP (network co-processor) and it is possible to flash it OTA or in --serial mode.

The Argon uses the ESP32 AT command processor mode. In theory you could add your code into this build, build it with the ESP32 build tools, wrap the image in the wrapper needed to be flashed as a Particle binary, then flash it to your device.

This is undocumented and unsupported, so for all practical purposes, the answer is no.


Makes sense. It kinda sucks to waste all this available cpu power, but I guess that was never a target use case for mesh devices anyways so I understand why it’s not supported.