Flashing Custom NRF + ESP32 code on Particle Argon

I am developing custom board using NRF52840 and ESP32 to aggregate BLE beacons data and have planned to connect it with AWS IoT.

Recently I found that Particle Argon board has NRF + ESP32 combination so I purchased few boards of it.

Currently I am having the code files of NRF and ESP32 in my hand. How can I upload these code files to the particle’s NRF and ESP32 ?.

If this is possible Can I get any reference documents or links so that I can use Particle Argon instead of my custom board to save development time.

It’s theoretically possible, however the Argon is deprecated and will be replaced by the Photon 2 later this year. The Photon 2 has neither an nRF52840 nor an ESP32, so that would not be a suitable substitute in your application.

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