Xenon blinking green after breathing cyan

Hey folks – rc.26 is now available to be flashed to 3rd gen devices. Instructions for doing so is available here:

Please let us know if this helps to resolve the Xenon reconnect issues that you’ve been experiencing.

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I think this issue is related to stored credentials that remain in xenon or argon. I’m having the same problem now after I factory-reset the Argon to get debugging working. this I got working but I cannot get my mesh backup.

I can flash the xenon and reconnect to serial. After factory reset of the xenon and setting it to an new mesh network of the argon it now I was able to reconnect.

So I conclude that the router has nothing to do with it. It is a state in both xenon and argon that gets you in the blinking green. After I reseted the Argon the problem of green went away but there was blinking blue. So now I resetted the xenon and manually torn on mehs and resubscribe to my functions. This finally made the devices, both xenon and argon back accessible.

To particle please review your reset and clean functions. Both in setting up debug and in configuring mesh I get the feeling that not everything gets cleared out. Especially the secure things like wifi and mesh credentials. Anyway I’m back online sorry for the lengthy post I hope this saves someone else some time.

Also I noticed Mesh and ibeacon do not mix well. Reading https://docs.particle.io/workshops/particle-101-workshop/ble/ for using both now …