Xenon Blinking Cyan followed by 3 Orange

This is the same issue @Fragma posted about in Troubleshooting originally in Feb and most recently about a month ago. I’m seeing the same thing with 1.1 rc2. Two different Xenons on the same mesh network running a very small test app (system thread enabled, loop with a delay(1), nothing else.)

  • The Xenons did not do this at the same time. There was around an hour between when one came back online and the other went offline.
  • One recovered after some resets and power cycles, the other only recovered suddenly after a period of time while I was staring at it having a wtf moment (power cycles and resets hadn’t helped).
  • Both times one of the Xenons was offline, I made sure the other was pingable (they’ve lied to me before.)

I saw this in rc27, but that feels like ancient history now. Has anyone else come across it in 1.1 rc2?

This is the same thing as I was seeing, and I included some debug logs in my post Internet available, Cloud not reachable!. Does it match your serial logs?

I figured mine was related to the recent device connection issue as it started at the right time, but perhaps there’s a bug somewhere in the forwarding of packets through the gateways.

After sitting here contemplating my navel, a couple more details came back to me.

  • The first Xenon only came back online after I reflashed it.
  • The second came on line as I was holding down the Mode button to put it in dfu mode. I didn’t get to the point of changing the mode, I was just holding down Mode while wiggling my finger around to reach the Reset button.

Sorry, @kenmacd, I must have missed your post while I was typing. I wasn’t using the serial logger class at the time (is that the output you’re talking about?)

No worries, and yes, that’s the logging I was wondering about. It seems most gen3 hardware recovered over time on its own, so I’ve been keeping an eye out for people that might have hit the same issue as me.

As one level of fail-safe I’ve been adding this to my applications:

system_tick_t now = millis();
if (!Particle.connected()) {
    if (now - last_connect > 30 * 60 * 1000UL) {
} else {
    last_connect = now;

It didn’t help in my case though because they still wouldn’t connect even when power-cycled.

One of the same 2 Xenons just repeated the subject blink pattern. This time it was less than a minute and it recovered. I downloaded the history for the device just now, and it’s had 94 cloud disconnects in about 2hrs and 10min. The other Xenon has had 60, but the Argon gateway hasn’t had any.

It’s happening again this morning.

All 3 devices in the mesh network were powered down overnight. I turned on the 3A 5V usb power supply that’s powering the Xenons, and 1 came up and connected. The other rapidly flashed green and never connected. Cycled the power and this time the one that was flashing green made it on line just fine (and is pingable).

However, the one that came online successfully initially is doing the subject blink pattern and is not online. It’s been in this state for almost 10 minutes and counting.

@retupmoc1, which gateway are you using (Xenon/Ethernet, Argon or Boron)?

The Gateway is an Argon

@retupmoc1, I’ve seen similar behaviour where I had to reset the Argon and for some (not all) Xenons, I had to power off for a few minutes and repower again before they would come back online. I’ll see if there is any issue in the DeviceOS repo addressing this problem.

Thanks, @peekay123!