Wrong Address - Kicking myself

So even after the multiple emails about double checking my address, I still somehow managed to squeeze a typo in there. It was one number off - trust me I feel like an idiot.

Is there a contact at Particle or Backerkit I should go through now to get my address updated and have it sent out again…?

@corey might be able to pass the message along

While you could ping @corey in the community, probably the best way is to ping our Customer Success team here via the support form: https://docs.particle.io/support/support-and-fulfillment/menu-base/

You could choose “Shipping” -> “Where’s my package” (or anything that makes sense really).

They can get your address fixed right up.


we’re responding to you now via email!

Thanks @corey - I had just sent an email via the support form as well.

Sorry I goofed!

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