Working with Argon Series

Hello, is anyone using argon?

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Hi! Yes, I’m working on a couple projects with Argon. What are you using it for?

I don’t really know as of yet, Its taking me some time to fully understand what its capabilities are. Now I just have it hooked up to my laptop with the USB cord plugged into the argon. I do understand that its used for Wi-Fi in all but my mind goes into create mode and sometimes I get lost in my thought, because its has some what of a limitation to it’s hardware.

here’s a topic that you can take a look if you want:

Of course, home automation is just one case where you can use an Argon. There are many more.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.



and here are some more projects to inspire your thoughts!

Now, what do you have in mind so far?


I can relate to that! It’s so hard to decide what to make with a new board. There are countless possibilities for what to build. Automation is popular, as is using the Argon to monitor something such as chicken coop temperature.

On the silly side, I’m currently working on an Argon project that’s an “On Air” sign connected to my Google Calendar. It will light up whenever I’m in a meeting, so other people don’t interrupt.

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